Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is designed to foster learning through exploration and self-discovery.  We do not teach to our children, instead, we walk with them through their exploration to learn and discover with hands-on experiences.



Our classrooms and eco-friendly toys are designed to encourage natural learning.  For example, using wooden blocks or toys instead of plastic, or painting with organic materials instead of toxic paints.  We encourage our children to color on leaves or other organic objects as well as paper.

Our lesson times are designed so that our children are able to see, feel and smell.  Science may include comparing the sizes and shapes of various vegetation seeds.  Math for the day may be counting and handling acorns.  Circle time could be singing a song while using wooden percussion instruments like a Clave, Rain Sticks or Drums.  We strive to foster a warm and inviting environment where our children are able to learn about the world around them through safe and natural experiences.

To learn more about our general policies, mission, and beliefs, be sure to check out our About Us page.