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Classroom of the week: Toddling Sprouts B

This week we will be highlighting Toddling B, a classroom for 24 to 36 month old children. Our teachers in this classroom are Miss Renee and Miss Jasmine. Miss Renee moved to Colorado one month ago from California, and has been working in childcare for 6 years. She loves hiking and spending time with her family. Miss Jasmine has been working in childcare for 5 years. She loves watching movies, hiking, and traveling. Our kiddos are gaining independence at this age, and doing lots of things on their own.

Toddling B has been working hard on exciting fall process art. Check out our fall trees in the hallway – we used brown paper trunks, cotton balls, glue, and eye droppers full of paint to create these trees. We utilized our fine motor skills and creativity to work on gluing, pasting, squeezing, and dropping.

Another multi-day project Toddling B is working on this week deals with leaves. They explored leaves through senses of smell and touch, then used motor skills to squeeze glue onto paper, and glue on the leaves. The next step will be painting over the leaves. This will be an interesting sensory experience with painting over the leaves. It is slightly similar to the leaf rubbings (which you can also see hanging in the classroom) that Tod B did last week by rubbing crayons over leaf pattern sheets. We are so thrilled by Toddling B’s classroom structure and creative learning experiences.


Classroom of the week: Waddling Sprouts – B

To continue building our wonderful community of families and classrooms, we will be writing weekly to highlight one of our wonderfully unique classrooms!

This week, we begin with Wads B – Miss Julia and Miss Katie! Miss Julia is our lead teacher and recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree from UCCS in psychology. She has been with Little Sprouts since May and loves art, such as painting and crafting! Miss Katie is our assistant teacher and has been with Little Sprouts since July. She has worked with children for seven years and loves fall, reading, and music.

Wads B works with ages 18 months to 24 months and focuses on developing social skills, establishing friendships, and helping children expressing themselves while encouraging them to become more vocal, and working together to improving language skills.

One new addition to the Wads B routine has been reading time during transitions, such as going from indoor play to outdoor play or from indoor play to meal times. This short reading time helps the children see themselves as readers, as well as increase literacy skills. Transitions are hard, and this pleasant time helps lower stress, and get children into a routine.

Wads B has also taken the information given by parents in their parent questionnaire to make an awesome display outside of their classroom – check it out and get to know the students in Wads B! Also outside of the classroom is an awesome display of sensory and motor exploration – painting our table! We mixed colors together to see what they would create, and had a great time doing it. Check out their work in the hallway!



Thank you so much to all of our families for giving us such kind reviews over this past month. We truly appreciate and love you all!

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our drawing for a free week of care…….

The Stehlik family!

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Monument Closing

Dear Little Sprouts Parents,

Today we come to you with heavy hearts and great sadness. Little Sprouts Monument location
has been open for 2 1⁄2 years and we will be closing our doors Sept. 29th. We have fought hard
to bring our enrollment to a place where we can support ourselves financially but we have not
been able to get there. Monument is a great town however our experience has proven that
many people in this small community are either stay at home moms, commuters that choose
childcare close to their place of work, or have nannies.

This was a very hard decision and will obviously devastate many of our families and staff. Our
families mean the world to us. You all have been amazing and supportive of Little Sprouts and
your children truly have our hearts. If any of our families are interested in our Vickers location
we do have some openings but they will be limited so it will be on a first come, first serve basis.
Some of our great teachers will be moving to our Vickers location but not all of them. The
Vickers number is 719-594-2011 and you can talk to Sarah to see if there are openings there. I
(Lisa Newman) will be on site as much as I am able for the remainder of Sept. to answer
questions and say my goodbyes. I do have young children in school and sports so I won’t be
there 100% of the time but I will be around as much as I am able.

Please know that this decision was a very fast decision and we did not know we were closing
when many of our new families signed up. We don’t want you to feel that we enrolled knowing
we were closing. Any families that have not started yet or have just started will be reimbursed
their registration fees.
Best Regards,

Lisa Newman (Owner)